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Better fertilizer

Using chemical fertilizer is expensive and environmentally harmful.Alternative however takes more time to do and is environmentally friendly. So lets start now for next season.

Floods , new opportunity???

Can disaster be new opportunity?
As you can see on picture this is what is left out of my garden.
Food was devastating. Nothing was speared. This gives my new strength to start again.
Where to begin?
There is good news in all this(if you can call it good). Flood waters bring with them fertile silk that is full of nutritions. Flushed away old soil and may be harmful bacterias.
Other things happened as well that make me give up all things. Number of tools has been stolen,drums with fertilizer and other equipment that is vital for success of fertilizer production.

From rubish to tasty food

Just six mounts ago this black soil you see in little pots was a rubbish destined to the rubbish field. Contents of this rubbish was food scraps, cupboard boxes, grass clippings, old clodding, wood shavings and love for the environment. Not political or financial love but passioned love for soil. Love can be one way traffic but in my case my soil give back 10 times return on investment.
I love what I do and my soil loves me back. Protecting me from daily problems by keeping me calm.

Dose garlic grow better in black or sandy soil ???

* Black
* Sandy
* Mixture of both

Soil our future

Our population is growing and growing fast. So the chemical companies are rubbing they hands. More fertilizer more chemicals more profit. Is this the way to future? Our soils are half death and dying.
Recently I picked up hand full of soil from paddock. Land belongs to very influential farmer. To be honest to you I didn't expect to find any life in the soil. It did not have this lovely smell to it. Plants need life to live ( microbes). His line was " I can't afforded to to something about it " and " my agronomist advise me ".

What you work for is what you get.

To have a goal and purpose especially if is connected to other people is noble to say at least. Golden rule saids "Do good onto others". In todays society living by the golden rule is not easy. We are all to busy.

Mood effecting soil ???

Did you ever think that your own mood can make plants grow better.
Lets do some experiment with this idea. For example sow plants into three separate groups. One neutral or test batch. Second negative batch (when you water or transplant them be angry negative but don't say anything).
Third batch are positive ( when you are around them think positive nice thoughts ). Record diligently every thing ( time ,date, mood and how did you feel after each session )

Ups!!! I nearly forgot about the image this is part one of three images.

All work no fun

When one works with plants it is usually labor intensive. So there islots of work and not much play. But form time to time one gets rewardet with unusual site like this one. The ants has starting to build they chimney. this is good examples how ants thing about they comfort. Chimney they build is for air conditioning so when is hot air circulate in natural fashion.
You will also noticed lots of seeds around they nest. This is no accident ants bring seeds closer to the nest so in winter they don't have to go far for food.


Do you remember the strawberries from last time.
well this is they offspring nicely transplanted and ready to be sold.

Bay the way I am sorry not to posting any thing for long time.
We have moved to new location. New town and new opportunities.

Yes, I know this is not excuse but is true.

Grow the best capsicum EVER !!!

It is easy to grow best tasting capsicums if you have good soil. Look those capsicums closely do you noticed colors. I even don't want to pick them. With capsicums like this there is no fear of common cold. Capsicum is full of vitamins and minerals in just right ratio for human body to consume. Did you know that capsicum has more vitamin C than lemon. Also did you know that red capsicum has more vitamins than green one. Get a free recepies for good meal so you can work better in your garden.


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