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Doing sowing

I am sorry for not getting to second step in soil management but
I was sowing corn peas beans.
(If you gonna write about soil must will do something about it your self).
Corn is doing great and peas is just behind.
My daughter has helped me sowing corn and peas.
By the way corn and peas/beans are companion plants (corn give peas/beans climbing support
and peas/beans give corn nitrogen.
More pictures are coming


How deep do you recommend grain foods like corn be planted?

Cheers Michael

Basic principle that I use is the size of seed X2 which means if seed is 2mm than I sow it 4mm deep.It works for me. Some time soil get washed away so just add more soil on top.

Thanks for the advice, one more question if I may? I know a lot of people put water in the seed hole, before covering with soil. Do you recommend this? And if so what benefits are they for doing this?

To put a little bit of water in the hole at sowing can't do any harm at all. If the soil is moist it will speed up the germination process.
The better method (it works wonder for me) is to soak the seeds in worm juice night before, this gives seeds moisture but also food for first few crucial days.
Thank you for your questions
Happy Gardening