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Soil test

So how do you test soil in your back yard garden or field.
One way of doing is to pay professional to do it for you. Which may be expensive. The other way to do it is
1. Get a hand full of soil moist it
2. Made a sausage like form about 10 cm long
3. Placed it gently on the flat surface
4. Try to bend it gently, horizontally

Two things will happened ether soil will crumble which means that soil is sandy or you will have nice U shape sausage on your table which means soil is clay and needs lots of work.
Sandy soil is better to have than clay with sandy soil one need more water but dose not get crusty in summer.
Just to make sure that you have (or not) clay soil got to step 3. and leave the soil an the table for two days ( make sure is not raining ).
If the soil is hard on touch and feels like pottery you definitely have clay soil. This soil require lots of organic mater.