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Size dose matter

Size of your Garden/Farm dose matter what can you do with your place of FUN !!! Lets start with small back yard. This will be FUN!
* Determine where you want your garden to be.
* How big it will be?
* Do you want to make money from your garden?
* How many people will be helping you?

In any case measure your garden. If you want erect some fencing around your garden(to keep pets and spouses out).
What do you want to grow first? (lets do something easy)
This bring us to a other question?
What tools do you have/need? Questions, Questions, Questions.
First things first. The cheapest way to do gardening is from seeds (commercial or your own ). So go to hardware shop or nursery and buy packet of seeds. Corn and pease. this is easy to grow.
Tools needed : small hoe, garden glows for protection
Next time we do some sowing.