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Good news

Today a very good things happened. I was doing some cattle work when i did sprain my ankle. So it take me away from my garden. Benefits is all yours you get more info about my love for gardening.
The best way to start is to get some potatoes which have start to shoot.
This action will do your garden double fold good. First you will get new potatoes and second potatoes has the ability to loosen the soil. As we spoke before you can seve seeds or you can buy them. Personnely I do like save seeds (this could also be a good source of income). It is joy to see your own seeds grow up into nice yummy plants. Apart of buying or saving seeds or plants for propagation one can also exchange seeds. There are people just like you and me (very much doubt it) who like gardening. So you can get seeds from them in exchange for you seeds (please observe your local law).
As you can see being bound to bed has it advantages.
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where is all happening.


Thank you for your comment I am very busy at this moment every thing is coming at once. The corn has start to fill cobs, strawberries are shooting new plants (runners) plus is raining to much.
Getting back to fertilizer I use it is a natural NO chemicals AT all. I use worm juice (NO I don't juice the Worms) it is a casting or byproduct of feeding the worms with scraps. Plus I use combination of herbs and weeds all depends for what purpose. This fertilizer can be safely used around the garden on the leaves and roots.
About the pictures There are new pictures in Gallery Please have look .