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I don't have to tell you how important the water is. But what about the quality of the water. Some one will say water is water, in principal yes but not in practice. Quality of the water will determent end results, taste, look and quality of your fruit or vegies. And ultimately health of your family. So what to do if you don't have water from the good source like rain or spring. Town water depends where you live is full of chemicals. Given options dog wouldn't drink tap water (rather will drink out of swimming pool).
Best water for plants is rain water possibly when is raining. Ye we all know this but how to get rain water all year round.
1. Tap water must be left out min 24 hours before usage
2. Collect rain water in tanks and use when you need it
3. Agitate water with pump or air compressor
4. Run water down gartering pipe that has rocks in it (simulating river)
water is as living thing like soil,you and me.
Look after it.