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All work no fun

When one works with plants it is usually labor intensive. So there islots of work and not much play. But form time to time one gets rewardet with unusual site like this one. The ants has starting to build they chimney. this is good examples how ants thing about they comfort. Chimney they build is for air conditioning so when is hot air circulate in natural fashion.
You will also noticed lots of seeds around they nest. This is no accident ants bring seeds closer to the nest so in winter they don't have to go far for food.
Can we learn some thing form ants I think said some in the good book about it.
Please help me find it where is it.
Ants can be good for garden but more often not. Ants bring aphids on the steams of the plants. Aphids than suck the sap out of plants converting sap to sugary substance which ants love causing damage to plants reducing the crop or killing plants complitly.