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What you work for is what you get.

To have a goal and purpose especially if is connected to other people is noble to say at least. Golden rule saids "Do good onto others". In todays society living by the golden rule is not easy. We are all to busy.
There where looking after plants and soil comes handy. Applying golden rule to soil and ultimately plants is even harder. No one can see it than you. There is no glory no thank you note or hidden motives. Just you and plants. Yet what you work for will give you more benefits than any human can give to you. Glory to enjoy good food. Thank you note from happy capsicum lush and green leafs. Hidden message from healthy soil ready for next crop to be put in. Satisfaction of eating your own food from your own soil not contaminated by chemicals. Can you honestly call this work.
What about other benefits??? Relaxed body refreshed mind uplifted soul. I could go on and on.
This next image is a part of big picture. Print it out framed it and ad to the previous one.
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