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Soil our future

Our population is growing and growing fast. So the chemical companies are rubbing they hands. More fertilizer more chemicals more profit. Is this the way to future? Our soils are half death and dying.
Recently I picked up hand full of soil from paddock. Land belongs to very influential farmer. To be honest to you I didn't expect to find any life in the soil. It did not have this lovely smell to it. Plants need life to live ( microbes). His line was " I can't afforded to to something about it " and " my agronomist advise me ".
Content of plants is changing and we eat bread that hasn't any nutritional value in it. You draw the conclusion.
This is just the beginning of the end. What about so called HERBICIDES. Are herbicides for herbs why do we than killing them (if they are herbs). There is no such things as weeds every thing has its purpose. It is a simple circle in nature that we must not interrupt.
Look at picture of great surviver. Planted in good quality soil will produce more than enough capsicum for family of four. This soil is full of life and is happy to produce abounded crop. Taste is outstanding and is fresh plus is product of your hands.
Happy soil produces happy capsicum which in turn sustain happy family.