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From rubish to tasty food

Just six mounts ago this black soil you see in little pots was a rubbish destined to the rubbish field. Contents of this rubbish was food scraps, cupboard boxes, grass clippings, old clodding, wood shavings and love for the environment. Not political or financial love but passioned love for soil. Love can be one way traffic but in my case my soil give back 10 times return on investment.
I love what I do and my soil loves me back. Protecting me from daily problems by keeping me calm.
When I work ( my wife say play) in the garden my blood pressure is lower heart beet normal 60 beet p/m. Then are the fruits of the soil that is rich with nutrients converting it into tasty juicy vegetables.
Look at this lovely plants streaming for sun busted by natural soil and micro organisms that you will NOT find in chemical fertilized soils. My challenge to you is get some worms place them in box see for you self. Add seed from left overs ( tomatoes) or a like.
Enjoy fruits of your labor.