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Floods , new opportunity???

Can disaster be new opportunity?
As you can see on picture this is what is left out of my garden.
Food was devastating. Nothing was speared. This gives my new strength to start again.
Where to begin?
There is good news in all this(if you can call it good). Flood waters bring with them fertile silk that is full of nutritions. Flushed away old soil and may be harmful bacterias.
Other things happened as well that make me give up all things. Number of tools has been stolen,drums with fertilizer and other equipment that is vital for success of fertilizer production.
Never the less no one can take away determination and persistence.
Natural fertilizer is important part in food cycle and must not be neglected. Tools can and will be replaced but healthy food is imperative for survival and happy life.
To and to disaster lots of water means lots of mosquitoes. Let me tell you they are giants.
Luckily nature is there to protect.
Simple recipes: Olive oil Garlic and mint is a great deterrent.
In Australia you may ad eucalyptus leaves (crashed)