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Parlsey cut

To get parsley to grow better parsley must be cut.
Here are the picture of cut parsley. I use parsley in herbal preparations at Herb farm. Becouse of good quality of soil my herbs are priced well on the market (if they ever get there ). Usually I use fresh parsley to supply our local clients. If we don't sell all herbs we dry them and capsule them. Again due to high quality of soil herbs have more nutritional value than commercial one.

Parsley full

This is just one example how one can grow healthy herbs in cows through
Please observe the color of the shoots lash and deep green.
Parsley must cut often not just to use fresh herb but to prevent from going to waste. Look at the edge of herb it is dry and wilted.
more about parsley tomorrow.

Save Save Save !!!

Save on space. Save on environment. Save on water.
This is just one example how can you save 3 times by using old milk bottles. As you probably know strawberries like water. So use old milk bottles to place them in it together with good quality soil (which you have made your self ). Every morning you must water strawberries with mixture of 1 part of special fertilizer and 5 parts of water.
As you can see they are doing very well indeed.to be honest with you they are doing exceedingly well.


Some times when you do your normal chores you get rewarded with out warning. This beauty come up among big pumpkins. I plant them (pumpkins) at back of the house in not so fertile soil. Love and good natural fertilizer give amazing results.
This particular plant is a part of special experiment which if (when) successful will revolutionize soil maintenance and increase yield.
So what is this plant?
Can you tell by flower?
I thought it will be good to show the picture and readers try to guess it.
The winner of this small competition will get surprise gift from me.

Healthy plants

As you can see this a just a sample of one of ours healthy plants. Now this is grown on very BAD ( it is not such things as bad soil just to sandy ) soil for tomatoes. How dose grow than?

Watering can 5

Fill the bottle with natural fertilizer and water.
There you have it. Cheap yet effective watering system.
Your plants will love you for it.
It is personal touch on your part to something for your plants
and ultimately for you soil.

Watering can 4

Make sure that the holes are spaced all round the top.
Possibly if you can facing inwards. You will see later why.

Watering can 3

Next pin the holes on the top of the bottle

Watering can 2

Use old bottle of milk.

Watering can

This is how to use recycling bottle of milk and turn it into watering can.
Use paper pin as one pictured above.


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