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I don't have to tell you how important the water is. But what about the quality of the water. Some one will say water is water, in principal yes but not in practice. Quality of the water will determent end results, taste, look and quality of your fruit or vegies. And ultimately health of your family. So what to do if you don't have water from the good source like rain or spring. Town water depends where you live is full of chemicals. Given options dog wouldn't drink tap water (rather will drink out of swimming pool).


Sowing the easy way

Last time we talk about sowing potatoes. Get some older one that has start to shut new shuts. I ask green grocer for old once that he can't sell and he will throw it away.
* Dig the hole about 20 cm square take soil out from the middle about twice the size of potatoes.
* Place potatoes in the middle gently shuts facing up.
* Cower it with the remaining of the soil.
* Water it with can or with plastic bottle like the one here
Take two foot away and repeat the process till you finish the row or get hungry.

Good news

Today a very good things happened. I was doing some cattle work when i did sprain my ankle. So it take me away from my garden. Benefits is all yours you get more info about my love for gardening.
The best way to start is to get some potatoes which have start to shoot.

Size dose matter

Size of your Garden/Farm dose matter what can you do with your place of FUN !!! Lets start with small back yard. This will be FUN!
* Determine where you want your garden to be.
* How big it will be?
* Do you want to make money from your garden?
* How many people will be helping you?

In any case measure your garden. If you want erect some fencing around your garden(to keep pets and spouses out).
What do you want to grow first? (lets do something easy)
This bring us to a other question?
What tools do you have/need? Questions, Questions, Questions.

Be happy

The main reason for having the Garden/Farm is to have FUN !!!
Yes FUN. If you have fun the job becomes play and play becomes joy.
The man that works/play in his/her garden has more success than the grumpy gardener. Thats why people saying s/he has green thumb it is not the thumb but it is happy gardener.

Getting back to soil.
After you have tested the soil and have some idea what kind of soil it is.It ia time to do some thing about it.
Clay soil needs lots of organic matter to breack dove the structure of the clay. We don't have time to wait that long so the solution.

Soil test

So how do you test soil in your back yard garden or field.
One way of doing is to pay professional to do it for you. Which may be expensive. The other way to do it is
1. Get a hand full of soil moist it
2. Made a sausage like form about 10 cm long
3. Placed it gently on the flat surface
4. Try to bend it gently, horizontally

Two things will happened ether soil will crumble which means that soil is sandy or you will have nice U shape sausage on your table which means soil is clay and needs lots of work.

What kind is my soil any way

There is basically only two types of soil used and not used. One that is not used is no good to any one.
The used one on other hand have sub category's.Which means there are great soils good soils and that need lots of lots of work to produce any thing. Great soils are the one dark in colour smell nice and has life in them (full of bacteria). This soil dose not require to much work but dose require maintenance.
Good soil is the soil that require more work and more maintenance.(please look at the pictures in Gallery )

Doing sowing

I am sorry for not getting to second step in soil management but
I was sowing corn peas beans.
(If you gonna write about soil must will do something about it your self).
Corn is doing great and peas is just behind.
My daughter has helped me sowing corn and peas.
By the way corn and peas/beans are companion plants (corn give peas/beans climbing support
and peas/beans give corn nitrogen.
More pictures are coming

Before you start

Before you start take few pictures of the area or the box where you want to grow fresh herbs or vegetables. Buy or save few seeds like tomatoes, capsicums, watermelon even a garlic. Sow them in a small milk carton cut in half (my wife put carton on the window seal.
There is nothing better than watching your own produce grow. Free from chemicals.
It is important to water the box with seeds on a daily basis (don't over water them).
Back to soil now. Soil is a living thing so it has to be treated alike.
* Food
* Water
* Air
* Sunlit


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