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Soil - The First Step

The first step to a good healthy living is to look after the soil we treed on.
1. Look for tell tale signs of your soil being healthly.

Because if the soil is bad, How do you expect
your fruit and vegetable to be healthy?

The soil should have good sweet smell to it.

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which are grown and prepared with old style recepies
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Yesterday my son installed Gallery so our visitors can enjoyed beautiful fruits of our labor.
All those plants are grown by specials mix of herbs and worm juice. There is no chemicals or in organic fertilizer.The vegies taste better and is better for environment. In producing compost we trap CO2 in the soil so can by used by plants.
All our operation is Carbon negative ea. we use carbon more than we produce one.

Healthy soil

There is not many things that can compare with smell of healthy soil after rain.
We have some rain here in country, being in drought for some time it feels good.The things are looking good again.
Healthy soil is a first sign of things to come with out soil we are gone. What should we eat. Vegies grown in chemicals.
I like my soil. (i am no good in writing but I am passioned about health)

My struggle

My struggle
Today I have started new site and like it.
There was number of hick ups yet we managed. Ilike to tell you about my passion for health and one of things that is important in the circle of life is the humble ground we all walking on.


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